Add an Image

What types of images are supported?

We recommend adding an image or GIF to your welcome message and throughout bot responses to increase branding and personalization. We can support JPG, GIF, PNG, or SVG files.

How can I add an image?

Step 1: Locate the response you wish to update, and select “Edit” in the top right corner. Step 2: Locate the “Images” area within the response window. Select “Add Image…”.
Step 3: Select “Browse”.
Step 4: Upload the image by selecting the upload option in the bottom left corner.
Step 5: Hover over the image you wish to include and choose the “Select” button.
Step 6: Select “Ready to Publish” and “Publish” to publish the image to your response.
Optional URL Settings:
  • Add a URL to your image. If an end-user selects the image, they will be sent to this link.
    • Note: The URL must begin with https:// or http://
  • If you’d like the end user to view the image in a larger window (like a map or seating chart), you’ll want to provide an image URL link hosted within our dashboard. To find this:
    • Select the browse button below the image.
    • Locate your image within the response library and click on it to open.
    • Copy the URL provided at the bottom of the image and paste this into the URL field.

Helpful Hints

  • If you’d like for your image to expand across the chat bubble (recommended for welcome messages in web/app channels), please switch to code view and add the following to the bottom of the card:
  • Images are always rendered at the top of a response.
  • We can only support one image per response.

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