Add a Quick Reply

What is a Quick Reply?

Quick replies are added to each response in order to encourage continued engagement from the user. They also are used to prompt the user to view information on a specific subject they may need to know about your organization. A quick reply is linked to an existing response within your dashboard and provides that response once it is selected.
Typically, quick replies are designed based on our network effect of data. For each response, we have compiled the next 2-4 most commonly asked questions and have added these as suggested topics to every response.
In most cases, you will not need to edit any quick replies. However, we strongly recommend adjusting your welcome message quick replies throughout the year in order to recommend popular topics or 'need to know' information to your clients.

How do I add a quick reply?

Step 1: Locate the response you wish to update, and select “Edit” in the top right corner.
Step 2: Locate the “Quick Replies” area within the response window. You can either select “Add Quick Reply…” to add a new one or edit an existing option.
Note: All responses should contain 2-3 quick reply options.
Step 3: Add a quick reply label. This will be visible to your end user. We recommend writing it in question format for web or app channels or as a short label for a Facebook channel.
Step 4: Select “Response Name” as the type. Do not select "Input Text" as it has a negative impact on reporting and can fail throughout the user experience.
Step 5: Select the response name of the response copy that you’d like to populate when the button is selected.
Note: Each response is assigned a unique response name. This can be found within the “Response Name” column of the dashboard. The button label should always relate to the subject of the response you’re linking.
Step 6: To add another quick reply, jump back to Step 2 and follow the same steps.

Helpful Hints:

  • All responses should contain 2-3 quick reply options.
  • We recommend writing them in question format for web or app channels.
    • Due to limitations in Facebook, we recommend using short labels within this channel.
    • On Facebook, the quick reply label character limit is 20.
  • The quick reply label name should be directly related to the linked response copy.
  • Quick replies should never link to a URL. If you’d like to include a URL, please add this as a button.
  • The quick reply label should be short enough that it doesn’t extend to multiple lines for the end user:

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