Food & Beverage Finder


The Food & Beverage Finder is a powerful tool that allows users to receive location-specific responses for F&B items within a venue and map the closest route to their requested food item.
This document provides information on how to edit an existing Food & Beverage Finder within the Satisfi Labs dashboard.
To learn more about the product or get started on an initial build, please contact your Client Success Manager for details.

What are the components of the Food & Beverage Finder?

The Food & Beverage Finder consists of the following components:
  • Lists - Individual names of each item provided within the venue. (Think "Hot Dog")
  • Areas - Sections within the venue. (Think "Section 101")
  • List Items - Each individual item and its' corresponding section. (Think "Hot Dog in Section 101")
  • Responses - Responses within the NLP Manager. A response will look like the below. You'll see individual items mapped within each response. Client users are not recommended to make copy adjustments underneath the #DYNAMIC_LIST section.

What items are adjustable by clients?

List Items are adjustable through the Dynamic List section of the Satisfi Labs Dashboard. To make adjustments:
  • Login to the Satisfi Labs Dashboard
  • Tap "Studio"
  • Tap "Dynamic Lists"
  • Tap "List Items"
While in List Items, users are able to add/edit/remove section locations in real-time. To make a change, tap into the item that needs to be adjusted and edit the item as needed. Items are available to be added or deleted.
Response Copy:
Although it is not recommended for users to adjust list items within responses, there is an ability to add links or images. To do so, follow the instructions found in our NLP Manager Self Publishing guide here. See below for an example of a link added to a response.

When do I need to submit a change request to Satisfi Labs?

Changes need to be sent to the Satisfi Labs team through the request portal for the following reasons:
  • A new item is now available in the venue.
  • An area or location changed its name.
  • Changes to the venue's configuration (example: new sections were added or removed from the venue).
In certain cases, large changes need to be made ahead of a new season. If this occurs, please get in touch with your Client Success Manager for assistance at least a month before the needed changes.