External IDs

Satisfi Labs offers clients the ability to pass their own customer IDs into the system for data tracking purposes. When passed in, the ID will be used to identify the customer. This typically occurs on web or app pages.

How are customer IDs passed?

IDs are passed in by adding a parameter to the chat page URL as follows: https://chat.satis.fi/?pageID=7545&extid=123456789

In the above example, the external customer id is 123456789. This occurs when the app or web provider adds the parameter when the URL is called.

How is Data Reported?

Data is available through most of the Satisfi Labs data resources, such as the NLP Traffic Log, within the "ClientCustomerID" field. From here, clients can match the ID within their data warehouses to add to the customer profiles. For more information on our API reporting options, see here.

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