Conversation Transcripts


Conversations Transcripts report lets you see all inbound and outbound messages, including AI Chat, live escalations, slots/guided flows, etc

This report replaces the following reports:

  • Input and Response Log for Date Range

  • Input and Response Log for Date Reference

Report Components


Page Name

Name of the page

Page Type

Channel where the conversation was recorded.

Conversation Code

All messages from a given user on a given date, on a given bot page.

End User Code

Unique users. A customer who holds conversations on multiple dates is still a unique end-user.

Chat Mode

  • AI Chat: conversations managed by AI

  • Live Chat: conversations managed by live escalation platform

Sender Type

  • Bot

  • Agent

  • End User

Agent Name

Name of Live Agent. Relevant for Live Chat conversations only.

Message Code

Unique code of the message

Message Type

  • End User Button: Identifies if a user clicked on a button that continued the conversation flow

  • End User Quick Reply:

    • Identifies if a user clicked on a quick reply that continued the conversation flow

    • Identifies if a user provided a response, for example, a number to continue the conversation flow

  • Bot Response: automatic response made by virtual assistant

  • End User Text: text input sent by the end user

  • Agent Response: response sent by a live agent

Message Text

A specific message sent by either party


  1. Understand which pages or channels users are interacting with the most. Use this data to optimize content and messaging on high-traffic pages to better align with user expectations and needs.

  2. Filter by a conversation or the end-user code to see the whole conversation or conversations happening for a given user. Use this information to tailor responses and engagement strategies to better meet user needs and preferences.

  3. Differentiate between AI Chat and Live Chat conversations to assess the effectiveness of each platform.

  4. For Live Chat conversations, track the name of the live agent involved to monitor agent performance.

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