AI Chat Performance Dashboard


In the AI Chat Performance Dashboard, you can see:

  • Total Number of Messages received within your bot, including messages from users to AI Chat and Live Chat. Total Number of Unique End Users (customers) who interacted with your chat.

  • Total Number of Conversations. These are all messages from a given user on a given date (local time), on a given bot page. You can also see the percentage of conversations handled by AI, without Live Escalation.

  • ‘Work Hours Saved’ is calculated based on 5 min per conversation that was resolved without live escalation.

The "Work Hours Saved" metric provides a tangible measure of the value and efficiency of the AI Chat. It quantifies the time saved by automating routine or repetitive tasks that would otherwise require human resources. This information can help businesses assess the cost savings and productivity gains achieved by implementing the AI Chat.

You can select each metric and time frame to view volume trends.

Apply the filters that allow you to dissect the data based on various criteria such as channels, time frames, languages, and pages.

Gain deeper insights on volume trends by accessing the Volume Trends Dashboard. Click on either Messages or Conversations from a Volume Trend chart:

  • Metrics and Dimension selections impact both charts

  • Time Frame selection impacts only the area chart. The Time Frame ‘Dynamic’ will change from daily to weekly to monthly depending on the length of the filtered time period. However, you can override by manually selecting a different time frame using the filters.

End User Intent Analysis

These charts help to analyze your customers' preferences to drive data-driven business decisions.

You can see Top 20 Intents based on the total number of intent detections and conversations on a given period. You can use the general filters to get more specific data.

By analyzing the top intents, you can gain a deeper understanding of what your customers are most interested in at a given moment. This information can help identify popular topics, trends, or services that customers frequently inquire about. You can then tailor your offerings, content, or marketing strategies to align with these interests.

Click on the 3 ellipses next to each intent and open the Intent Deep-Dive dashboard.

Intent Category Drill-Down Chart

This tool helps dive into specific subcategories.

  • Click on part of the pie chart to drill down similar to on the old Request Topics pie chart

  • If you want to exclude one of the contexts, click to unselect on the right side

  • When you drill down to the next category level, you can change the table view and click on Messages to see the filters you chose for the chart.

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