Answer Engine
The name of Satisfi Labs’ conversational AI platform. Major components include response moderation, intent understanding, response enrichment, and more.
Actionable items that can be added to the text response, such as buttons, images, videos, and quick replies.
Generated Responses
Answers that are generated by the LLM model using your scraped website pages, feeds or documented source data.
Intent Understanding
Advanced capability of our AI Chat to comprehend and categorize customers' inquiries thoroughly, maintaining context throughout the conversation.
Large Language Models (LLMs)
Advanced computer programs that can understand and generate human-like text based on patterns they've learned from vast amounts of data. Examples are GPT and Bard.
Link Buttons
Buttons that are living within a response, linking users to other topics within your chat or to external pages.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
An area of artificial intelligence dedicated to comprehending and manipulating human language.
Included in prewritten responses, paths help guide users to action through pre-designated flows. This includes Ticket E-Commerce, Guides, Bridge Live Chat, PII Collection Features (Knowtifi/Feedback).
Pop-Up Button
The overlay button placed on your website/app that opens your chat.
Prewritten Responses
Answers that are written in advance and surfaced to the user exactly as written. Will be prioritized over Generated Responses. Can include enrichments as well.
Prompt Bubble
A text bubble that opens after a set period of time next to your pop-up button, encouraging web/app users to start a chat.
Quick Reply
A secondary button in a response that assists in guiding the user in gaining more information about the topic they are asking about, as well as further their discovery of different topics, information, and events.
Response Moderator
Part of the Answer Engine, the response moderator reviews a generated answer to ensure it complies with Satisfi’s standards. For example, it ensures foul language is not included in the response.
A concise set of embedded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes for creating an interactive chat window on a website, handling functions like opening the chat, messaging, and displaying responses.
Welcome Message
A welcome message serves as the initial greeting in your AI Chat, setting a positive tone for user interactions.
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