Sponsor Inclusion

Types of Sponsorship Placements

We recommend incorporating an organizational sponsor(s) throughout the virtual assistant with creative assets to increase their presence and overall partnership. When implemented, engagement metrics are available to the sponsor to demonstrate their value.

Header Ad Placement

  • The header of bot will have a sponsor's logo throughout the user experience.

  • The sponsor's logo will sit outside the conversation and will not be associated to a specific topic.

  • The header can be clickable and link out to a sponsor page.

You can add one full sponsor to the assistant or add sponsors to individual responses.

Welcome Message Ad Placement

  • There are unlimited mentions of Partners, Sponsors, Brands names in the chat responses.

  • Button and quick reply options are available to further promote sponsored activities.

Answer Ads Placement

  • There are unlimited mentions of Partners, Sponsors, Brands names in the chat responses!

  • There is a sponsorable call to action or rewards.

  • Response can be made with either a static image or video asset.

  • The image can link out to sponsored content.

Background Skin Placement

  • This background skin shows prominently at the chat opening.

  • The skin will be present throughout the experience.

  • You can use either a static image or gif.

Trivia Correct Answer Placement

  • This would be visible on all questions.

  • This would be present throughout the trivia experience!

  • You can use either a static image or gif, as well as text.


Can I create custom responses for our sponsors?

Users aren't typically looking for information on sponsors within chat experiences (ex. tell me about XYZ company). A better opportunity to showcase sponsors would be to add content in relevant responses.

For example, when users ask about premium club space rentals during team home games, it provides a relevant response about the club space AND showcases the XYZ company logo. Link out the sponsor's website via a photo or button and those website clicks can be tracked in your data.

How can I provide projected traffic numbers to potential sponsors?

If you've identified key sponsor prospects, find high-trafficked responses associated with that brand within your data.

For example, if you were pursuing a sponsorship deal with a soda company, you could have sponsored content not only in a soda response but also in all F&B responses/welcome messages/etc. to boost views. Once you've selected responses to target, you can measure future traffic estimates based on past data.

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