UTM Tracking

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes are a way to help you track website traffic from a specific source (web, app, Facebook, etc.) or medium (Satisfi Labs or AI Chat). UTM tags are tracked by adding parameters to the end of your standard URLs, set up through Google Analytics.

Setup Instructions:

As part of UTM tags, Google allows you to add up to 5 data parameters to your URLs, which are listed below.

Most common parameters:

  • utm_source: Identify where the traffic is coming from, for example, web, app, Facebook, QR codes, etc.

  • utm_medium: The advertising or marketing medium. In this case, we recommend using Satisfi Labs, AI Chat, or something similar.

  • utm_campaign: The individual campaign, group, slogan, etc.

Other tracking parameters:

  • utm_content: Used to differentiate similar content or links within the same ad. For example, if you have two call-to-action links within the same response ID, you can use utm_content and set different values for each to tell which version is more effective.

  • utm_term: Identify paid search keywords. If you're manually tagging paid keyword campaigns, you should use utm_term to specify the keyword.

For example, you might use the following parameters to track ticket on-sale links in your Facebook Chat:

  • utm_source = facebook

  • utm_medium = satisfi-labs

  • utm_campaign = ticket-on-sale

If you used these parameters, your custom-campaign URL would be:


Quick Tips:

  • Make your UTM codes consistent and easy to understand

  • Use all lower or upper case letters since UTM codes are case-sensitive.

  • Connect UTM tracking to your CRM

  • UTM codes will not work on redirecting web links

Create Your UTM Codes in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Fill out the following form using the parameter information above.

3. Add the links to your chat experience by:

  • Editing your links directly in the Satisfi Labs dashboard

  • Submit a request for Satisfi Labs to bulk change on your behalf.

4. Once the updates are published, if you already have Google Analytics set up for your site, Google will automatically begin tracking.

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