CSAT Entries


CSAT Entries report lets you see the feedback data provided by the end user after completing chatting with AI Chat or a live agent.

Report Components


Page Name

Name of the bot page

Conversation Code

Satisfi’s unique conversation code

End User Code

Satisfi’s unique customer code for the user

Escalation Flag

CSAT reviews happen at the conversation level.

If EscalationFlag=false, then the conversation does not include a live escalation, and therefore the review is about the bot.

Csat Rating

Numeric value from 1-5 that the end user submitted as a rating for their escalated conversation

Csat Issue Addressed

YES/NO to the question, “Did we address your issue?”


Any additional comments that the end user provided as feedback


  1. Measure customer satisfaction ratings and identify common issues addressed during conversations. Use this feedback to refine live agent responses or AI Chat’s responses, address pain points, and enhance the overall user experience.

  2. Pay attention to user comments and feedback provided after conversations. Look for insights into user preferences, pain points, and areas for improvement to optimize AI / live conversations.

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