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What is the Analytics Dashboard?

The new Analytics Dashboard is a comprehensive tool that provides a deeper overview of the volume and end user intents within their bot interactions.

You can utilize the dashboard to gain insights into the overall volume your bot receives and analyze trends over time. By selecting specific metrics and time frames, you can view volume trends in a customizable manner.

For a deeper analysis of your customer's Intents, you can navigate from AI Chat Performance to our new Intent Explorer, Intent Trends, and Intent Deep-Dive Dashboards.

See the capabilities of each:

Can I download the dashboard data?

Absolutely! You can download the entire dashboard data or a particular chart data.

  • To download the entire dashboard (PDF or CSV format), click on the three ellipses on the top right.

  • If you want to download specific chart data, click on the three ellipses on the top right of the chart you want to download you choose the right format.

How do I use the filters?

Make sure you update the dashboard when you apply the necessary filters.

Can I expand the charts?

Yes, just click on the three dots on the top right of the chart and hit 'View' --> Expanded

Overview video

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