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The Intent Trends Dashboard is a valuable tool that helps you analyze trends across customer questions, providing insights into the most popular and relevant intents. With just a few clicks, you can select a specific time period and discover which intents are currently trending.

We compare the most recent timeframes (ex: 30-day period) with the previous time frame (ex: 30-day period). The change in the percentage of total intents reflects the relative importance of intent. For example, if it went from 10% to 8% of total intents, the change is +2%.

The change in total volume represents the overall occurrences of an intent. If it went from 200 to 180 occurrences, the change is +20.

Note that total volume and percentage of the total can show different trends due to variations in overall volume.

The Intent Trends Dashboard offers several capabilities to enhance your analysis:

Filter by 30 days:

  • For a more comprehensive view of intent trends, the 30-day filter provides insights into customer questions and preferences over a month. It allows you to identify long-term patterns, assess the effectiveness of previous initiatives, and plan future actions based on solid data.

Filter by 7 days:

  • By selecting this filter, you can analyze intent trends over a 7-day period. This longer time frame allows you to identify broader trends, track changes in customer behavior, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Filter by 24 hours:

  • This filter enables you to see trends within a 24-hour timeframe. It helps you identify patterns and fluctuations in customer questions, providing valuable information for operational decisions.

Filter by the last 1000 messages:

  • This filter allows you to focus on recent interactions to understand the latest trends and customer interests.

Video Explainer

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