Content Formatting

Allows for information in responses to be easily digested for users and highlights areas that may be critical in answering their questions.


Season changes: Update your content as your "season" changes. Focus on key dates and times to keep customers in the loop.


Length: Limit responses to 3-4 sentences so that the user can easily read the chat's responses.

Better Presentation: With any formatting need (paragraph breaks, bold, etc.) use #MARKDOWN for the best presentation. #MARKDOWNcan only be used for web chat. To ensure your change has been published, open the virtual assistant in a new tab and test the changes you published to confirm the response is published on how you wanted it to look!

Markdown Formatting

Line Breaks: Add spacing by using the enter key.

Clickable Addresses: Type #MARKDOWN at the top of the text box. Then, follow the examples below respectively.

Linked Phone Example:


[555-123-4567, option 2](tel:5551234567,2)

Linked Email Example:


Note: Markdown formatting elements only apply to webchat (app/web) pages. Facebook/Google/ABC/SMS do not accept formatting.

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