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What is a new response editor?

Response Editor is a graphical interface where you can edit your responses any time in a user-friendly format. It contains special sections to easily update the text, buttons, quick replies and images. The updates are applied right away.
Important: The new response editing interface is available to our clients who switched to NLP Manager. We are working hard to switch all our existing clients to this version by the end of Q1. If you are on NLC Manager, only the Code view response editor will be available now. Please go to this section to read instructions on using the Code view self-publishing tool.

What are the main differences with the old version?

Before this update, clients were limited to writing responses in a free text or our proprietary shorthand format. Users had to manually apply all the rules to add buttons, quick replies, and images.

How can I find the new version of a response editor?

To access the new response editor form, please go to Satisfi dashboard, then click on Studio → NLP Manager → Responses.

Which features are available for me?

There are four things that you can change:
Please click on the section you need to change and read our detailed description.

How to return to the old version?

If you wish to use the old version of the response editor, please click on Code View (see a screenshot). The next time you access the response editor, it will automatically open the selected window. You can always switch back to Form View to open a New Response Editor.

Where do I find the NLP Manager?

Administrators can locate the NLP Manager by logging into the account, tapping "Studio" and then "NLP Manager". To edit responses, tap "Responses" and begin adjusting.
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