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Adding / Editing Questions:

  • Add a Question: Tap on "New Question"

  • Edit existing questions, and tap the question in blue in the Question column.

  • Remember to save the page once complete.


Areas marked with an asterisk are required.

  • Answers: A minimum of 2 incorrect answers are recommended.

    • Note - only 3 choices display at a time. If you have 3 incorrect choices the incorrect choices will randomize to users.

    • The correct answer + 2 incorrect answers will be displayed.

  • Fun Fact (not required): Include a Fun Fact to go along with the Trivia Question!

  • Correct Answer GIF (recommended): Include a GIF for the Correct Answer! ii. Click on Preview to preview the existing GIF attached to this trivia question, or click Select to scroll through the GIFs and pick a new one.

    • Gifs must be from a secure (https://) domain.

  • Status (required):

    • Active: When marked Active, this question will be live and active on your Trivia page.

    • Inactive: When marked Inactive, this question will not be live on your Trivia page

    • Pending: When marked Pending, this question will be saved as a draft and not live until marked Active.

  • Priority (required):

    • High: This question will be displayed more often than others.

    • Medium: This is the standard and recommended priority for all questions.

    • Low: This question will not come up as often as others.

  • Question Difficulty (required):

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Expert

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