Locate a Response

There are several ways to locate a response within the dashboard. The most commonly used options are search by 'input' or search by 'live content'.

Search by Input

  • When adding or editing responses, you may not know the intent name that you are looking for and instead will want to search by a sample input, keywords, or question you are trying to answer. By default, the Response Studio is set to search by input.

  • To surface intents based on Satisfi's understanding, navigate to the search bar at the top of the page. Confirm the dropdown is set to 'Input', and type a sample input or question that you would like to see your bot answer. Hit Enter on your keyboard or select the search button.

  • The intent that appears is the same response that the user would receive within the bot.

Search by Live Content

  • You can also resurface a response or multiple responses by searching for a portion of text that is currently published.

  • To search for intents based on an existing answer, select the dropdown menu of the search bar, and adjust the search type to 'Live Response'.

  • Type the portion of the content you remember into the search bar and hit Enter on your keyboard. You can search for keywords, phrases, URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

  • Responses that contain the phrase you entered will now be surfaced.

Helpful Hints

  • When searching by input, if a response returns a no_match response name, that means the question you entered is not currently trained. Please submit a training request throughout the client request portal. (These requests should be submitted based on user data inputs.)

  • If you are looking to update something like a phone number or email address in mass, please submit a request for expedited help. You do not need to individually update multiple records.

  • To locate your welcome message, update the dropdown to search for 'response name'. Then type Welcome_Message into the search bar.

  • You can sort any of the columns by selecting the column name.

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