Placement and Activation

Best Practices for Chat Placement and Activation

Accurate content is important, but the virtual assistant’s placement throughout the user experience should be at the forefront. We recommend incorporating the virtual assistant in digital communications and in-venue physical signage to greatly enhance the user experience.


“Have a Question?” can be used by default but we offer other labels such as "Ask a Question", "Questions?", "Need Assistance", "Concierge". A list of URLs for all chat placements should be provided to allow for tracking of activity by specific URL.

Custom welcome messages can be used when placing the virtual assistant on varying webpages. This can target consumers based on the content or webpage that they're interacting with. See the examples below:

Utilize unique CTA messaging to increase consumer usage for:

  1. Mobile ticket guides

  2. Food & beverage finders

  3. Parking guides

Preferred colors and fonts should always be confirmed to ensure accuracy. Colors should align with your company's hex colors.


Tiles - An alternative way to connect with guests outside of the traditional icon, especially when directing fans to specific features like F&B Finder, Mobile Ticketing Guides, etc. Embed directly over standard communication points.

Prompt Text - Adding prompt text provides additional insight on topics fans can ask. For example, we can initiate prompt text for 5 seconds. An alternative would be Auto-Open.

Auto-Open - You can set the assistant to automatically open on your website without being clicked. Best practice is for it to appear 7-10 seconds for Desktop users only. Enable this feature to draw additional attention.

Social Feeds - Promotion on Twitter, Facebook, etc. See an example for Tennis TV below.

Emails are a great way to engage consumers. You can add a header or button for consumers to utilize this digital marketing effort.

On-site signage increases awareness of your virtual assistant on-site with the QR codes and SMS as accessible entry points. Those entry points can be used to access content within the assistant with information regarding game-day information, purchasing of tickets and purchasing food & beverage.

Clickable Website Banners - Adds to the user experience and engages them on the website.

App Placements - Create unique endpoints for key topics (i.e.: MTG, F/B Finder, Gameday Activations).

Email Endpoints - Promotion for event day promotions, assistance, activations. This is a unique URL designed specific for email campains and tracking.

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